Welcome Email

1. Welcome Email With Resources (Example Below)
2. Responding to a Welcome Email (Example Here)

A few important notes for your welcome email:

  • You must explain the importance of what is enclosed in the welcome email or they will not look at it. When you are enrolling them, we have to tell them about the resources to insure they understand the importance of going through the “Your Health” Page Videos and Action Steps before the Product Introduction Call, watch the Getting Started Training before the Business Introduction call and that they need to be online for both calls so we can walk them through their account and the resources.
  • We want to add them to the IAK Facebook group and send the Welcome Email as soon as possible after enrollment. People are most susceptible to “buyers remorse” right after they purchase and before they get started. Seeing the support and hearing the stories, really reinforces that they made the right decision.
  • Copy in 2-3 members of your support team so they can share their story with your new member and offer support.
  • You want to personalize the welcome email as much as possible. You can copy and paste the links and getting started resources, but the story has to be in your own words. When copy and pasting to email, you need to highlight all the text and select “Text background Color white” to make it show up due to our website theme.
  • We recommend sending the email to yourself first to make sure the links are active and everything looks good.
  • They things you need to add like the dates of the Product Introduction call and Business Introduction call as well as their back office details and autoship date are highlighted in red in the example below.

Welcome Email Example

Hi Name,

Welcome to the I Am Kaizen Community and Isagenix! Our community believes everyone deserves to live their healthiest life.  I am really looking forward to seeing the results you achieve with these incredible products and experience everything that this can do for you. The products are so powerful and I will never go a day without them. However, I Am Kaizen can provide so much more than just getting healthy. The people and culture is very inspiring. What excites me the most about this community is that we empower families that our looking for lifestyle solutions to have choice and follow their path of most excitement. For many of us, Isagenix has been a vehicle that allows us to create complete autonomy around all areas of our life. Reclaiming our time and building the resources so we can step into a place of balance and ease where our lifestyle can be completely congruent with our passions and values.

I did my first cleanse in January 2010. At the time I was feeling very low energy, stuck and unfulfilled. I was really looking to do something more meaningful and feel like myself again.

Within a week of getting the products into my body, the difference was a borderline miracle. After my first cleanse day it felt like a light switch went off in my body and I was feeling better than I had ever felt. I was down to my high school weight after 11 days after not being able to lose the last 10-15 pounds for years which was an added bonus. I could not stop talking about the way I was feeling and the results were written all over my body. So I began to share it and have gone on to assist  thousands of people reclaim their health and many design a lifestyle around whatever fulfills them.

I am 100% committed to supporting you through your Isagenix journey. Any questions that you have or anything you run into, feel free to contact me at anytime. Get ready for an unbelievable experience and we will talk Date for your Product Intro call.

As we wait for your products to arrive, please complete the following steps to set yourself up for success:

1. I have added you into our private I Am Kaizen Facebook group. This is our central hub for networking with our community, support, breaking news, resources and more. It will be a huge asset on your journey with all the free coaching and support and gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people. Please introduce yourself in here with a picture of yourself and share your top two goals for the experience to allow everyone to get to know you.

2. Before our product introduction call at date  watch the four videos on our  “Health” page  and complete the action steps. This page has all the important resources and information to insure you have an exceptional experience and assist you get your products paid for. Make sure you are online during our call so I can walk you through the account and some websites that will be extremely helpful on your journey

3. To start creating more freedom and income,  go to our Wealth Page and watch the Introduction and Getting Started Training videos You will want to download and print off the PDF that goes along with the video here. Afterwards, let me know a time when we can connect and map out a plan around your goals. Our community’s system and support is what makes us so special and the I Am Kaizen website is where the training and content is located. Make sure to go through the 2 videos before you start sharing so you know how to do it in an effective manner that is going to get your people set up for success.

4. I also wanted to give you the access details to your Back office. This is where you adjust your orders,  enroll new members etc. Click here to login to your online account.

Your Username:
Your Password:
First Autoship Date:

Your first autorewards order is scheduled for the date above. Our autoship page explains in detail how to adjust your orders and gives recommendations for what people do after the initial system. I would like to connect a few days before to re-evaluate your goals, discuss what will be best for you moving forward and adjust it together. However, I wanted to give you all your account details and the resources to do it on your own if you need or want to. Right now, I have you on a pak with the essentials for month 2. However, we are probably going to want to customize it to you based on your progress and what new stuff you are excited to try.