Explain the Next Steps and Schedule their Product Intro call and Getting Started Call.

What we do after we take the account info is of paramount importance to making the system run correctly. Being a great leader is being one step ahead of people. Signing people up is the easy part. Supporting them and getting them plugged into all our amazing resources is where the real work starts. We do not want to leave the 3-way call without the next steps scheduled and an understanding of what we are going to be sending them and plugging them into.

The Next Steps are explained in detail on the Leadership Page. The ones we need to explain upon enrollment are below with example explanations:

Adding them into the I Am Kaizen Facebook group (You want to do this immediately in welcome them so they can experience all the love and support they are going to receive.)

Example: “I am going to be adding you into our community’s private facebook group. I will be coaching you throughout your experience, but if for whatever reason you need something right away and I am not available, there are dozens of coaches on her that can answer questions on a moment’s notice. Even better, there are a ton of people just getting started so you can really see what people are experiencing 1-2 weeks into the program. People are cheering each-other on, sharing tips on what is working for them etc. We also release a lot of important info here so it is a great resource for staying plugged in. There is so many amazing people in the community and I am really looking forward to you experiencing all of that.”

The Welcome Email

“I am going to be sending you a welcome email that includes all of the important getting started resources. “The Your Health Page” has all the key stuff for getting comfortable with how to use the products and getting set up for an exceptional experience. I will also include the facebook template that we utilize to assist you find a few friends that are looking for a solution and would like to cleanse with you. It is not weird or awkward at all and very non-threatening to you community. Obviously, people are not on facebook to be sold, but this really just shares your sponsors results and shows you a very simple way to announce your excitement around starting your journey. I would send me your post before you do it, so I can make sure it looks good.” (Ideally schedule a time with them when they are going to do their post and carve out some time to be available right after so they can add you into the message stream and you can assist them answer their friends questions and schedule a time to connect with you offline for a 3-way call.)

Schedule The Product Introduction Call

Example: “Before you get started we are going to connect for a few minutes so I can walk you through the products, make sure you are comfortable and ready to go, customize the program to you and set up a coaching schedule. I also am going to walk you through your account so you are comfortable adjusting your orders and take you to a few other websites that have all the tools you need to have an exceptional experience. Make sure to take 10 minutes beforehand to watch the videos on the “Your Health” page in the welcome email and complete the action steps and I need you to be online so we can walk through everything. Can we do that on day and time?”

Schedule Business Steps (if applicable)

We obviously want to get people sharing as fast as possible, but before they start, we want them to review the Getting Started Training so they know how to do it intelligently and run the system so they avoid a lot of the mistakes and challenges. Within 48 hours have them review the GST and do their facebook post. Ideally we want them to watch the Peta Kelly training as well. Schedule a “Business Intro call” for after they have reviewed the GST to map out a plan around their goals. The upline leader you are working with can help customize a plan for them and do that call with you. We want to get them through the fundamentals and plugged in as quickly as we can. We recommend having them commit to when they are going to review the Business info in the welcome email and scheduling the Intro call upon enrollment.