Product Intro Call And Coaching

 Product Coaching Steps

1. Product Introduction Call (Covered Below)
2. Check ins and Coaching Your New Cleanser
3. Autoship Reminder Email and Health Analysis Call


The Product Introduction Call

Objective: To set someone up for an incredible product experience, do their facebook post and  get their products paid for.

The Product Introduction call should be done before someone starts their program. Upon enrollment we should have stressed that they watch the three videos and complete the action steps before this call.  We also should have scheduled it for a time when they can be online so we can walk them through their account and show them how to adjust their autoship as well as take them to the keep product websites and resources. You may want to text them a few hours before to insure they have gone through the videos and action steps and will be online. This call should not be longer than 30 minutes if they have done their homework. 

To insure your new cleanser is set up for success you want to talk about and have them do the following on the PIC checklist. You can find the answers to all the questions they may have on our FAQ/Cleanse coaching page. Utilize our system tracker spreadsheet to stay organized and know what step of the system your associates are on.

Product Introduction Checklist

1. Reviewed our “Your Health” Page and watched the three videos. Physically take them to the page, have them book mark it and explain that all the key product resources are on here. We recommend taking them into the FAQ section and showing them how comprehensive it is and this is the first place they should look to for answers.

2. Are in the I Am Kaizen Facebook Group 

3. Understand what a successful cleanse day and shake day look like.

4. Have recorded their weight, measurements and taken their before picture

5. Take them to and encourage them to enter the challenge.

6. Build value for the Health, Mind and Body program and encourage them to register. This is huge for results and retention.

7. Explain to them the importance of and

8. If they have any medical conditions talk about Dr. Ina and her coaching calls.

9. Ask them what they think will be the most challenging part of this and offer solutions

10. Go over the facebook post with them, make sure they understand how to set appointments and what presentation you want them to invite into and that they are committed to it. When are they going to do the post?

11. Show them their back office and how to place an order. Let them know you all the instructions to adjust their autoship order is in the welcome email and you will send them a reminder a few days before. If they would like a health analysis call to assist them adjust it, schedule it or tell the to let you know a few days in advance and you will schedule a time to make recommendations and customize month 2 together.

12. Establish a check-in schedule- You want to check in frequently, especially the first week and cleanse day. 90% of the challenges people run into have solutions in our cleanse coaching database.

13. Schedule their Business Introduction call for as soon as possible after they have watched the “Getting Started Training” if they are looking to build an income and you have not already done so.