Medifast Vs. Isagenix


by Kjersti Cote


Medifast has been around since 1980. It’s a meal and snack replacement system, providing different pre-packaged foods starting at $315-$350 per month.


The foods are a “balance” (not really) of protein, carbs and fiber. However, these foods contain many things that we all know are not good for the body. The ingredient lists contain many red flags. Some of which are- soy protein, artificial flavors, colorants, artificial sweeteners, amongst other things. None of the ingredients are organic/non-GMO. The vitamins are synthesized. And to boot, they recommend microwaving some of their foods within the mixing instructions.


Could you lose weight on Medifast? Yes. Is it via quality nutrition, helping the body heal? No. The weight loss is soley based on calorie restriction and protion control. With Isagenix, it’s about cleansing, replenishing and drenching the body with high quality nutrients that strengthen and forify the body, allowing for hte body to become the miracle it was designed to be. It’s not about limiting portions. Foods in limited portions with minimal nutients and things that should never be consumed (like soy) leads to barely average health not youthful aging and ultimate health. Ask yourself- do you want to barely live with Medifast or do you wan to thrive with Isagenix?


For almost the exact cost per month, you get way more from Isagenix. You’re getting quality through and through- organic/non-GMO, purity, potency, undenatured proteins, herbs, extracts, botanicals, fats, etc. all processed with no-heat, cold processes. Isagenix is free of soy, gluten, wheat, barley, calcium casein, nearly 100% lactose free. All supplements are digestive friendly, kid friendly and vegetarian friendly.


There is no comparison! Isagenix is so much more superior to Medifast in so many ways.