Is Whey Considered Dairy?

by Kjersti Cote


Whey protein concentrate doesn’t hold the dairy components that whole milk yields that people with dairy sensitivities have. 

Out of a liter of milk, there’s only about 30g of total protein. Of that 30g, most of it is casein. Only about 5g in a liter of milk is the whey. Breaking this down further, whey is a combination of 8 proteins. In essence, whey isn’t considered dairy

Now we do have milk protein concentrate and low-heat non-fat dried milk but it’s a small percentage of the tri-protein blend. Our shakes are 99.3% lactose free, are organic and free of growth hormones and antibiotics. 

Our cows are milked and rested according to season. 

What’s most important is the process in how we extract our proteins. We use a process that’s a micro-filtration process that’s patented and exclusive to Isagenix. This process doesn’t use heat, salts, acids or enzymes, all of which denatures protein. This process holds in tact all peptides, immunoglobulins and amino acids. 

You have the absolute best protein on the planet, especially with the added 70 plus minerals and trace minerals and our 7 key digestive enzymes to help break it down within the digestive process, increasing utilization.