Intention Calls And Personal Coaching


In Isagenix, duplication is everything. While your team may grow short term without duplication, you will never have a true residual income unless you are grooming the next leaders in your organization who can lead and support a team like we can. To develop a six-figure income all we are looking to do is find develop 10 Executives who have the skills, confidence and mastery over the I Am Kaizen system.

The most important things we do to duplicate our up and coming leaders are the 6 week intensive and intention calls. The 6 week intensive is going to give them the skills, how-to’s and complete understanding of our system.  The Intention calls are weekly personal coaching sessions to insure your new partner is implementing what they are learning on the 6 week intensive and have absolute clarity on what they need to accomplish in a given week to accomplish their goals and a forum to troubleshoot challenges. As simple as this business is, there is a learning curve and the first 90 days of a new business builders journey is absolutely crucial. The intention calls are where we can answer questions, give clarity and course correct and troubleshoot challenges. People can get very overwhelmed when they first start taking on  entrepreneurship and need to be told exactly what to do (and in many cases shown) in order to experience success. The intention calls give us a platform to do that.

Obviously, you will not have time to do this with everyone. We can only do it with about 3-5 people at a time so you want to insure you are investing your energy into the right people that are coachable, committed and have the desire to achieve success quickly.  If they are interested in doing coaching with you then you will want to set some requirements on participating as well as how long you will run the calls with them. We do not have time to invest this much energy into those that are not ready. People can only run at an extremely fast pace for about 60 days at most. What we recommend doing Is utilizing the 6 week applications to determine who you think is really ready to run and running intention calls for 6 weeks as they go through the intensive course. 

Setting Requirements and qualifying

You would rather have 2 people who take your time seriously than 10 who do not. As your are going to be committing to them and investing a lot of energy into their growth and their teams, you want to set some requirements and make sure they are committed to you. We are looking for people that are capable, coachable, have a strong desire and have enough time to implement what they are learning. I typically send out the invitation via email, with my requirements. You can adjust these depending on your group, but I wanted to provide some examples

Example of Requirements:

  • Send me your “reason why” you are building an Isagenix business
  • Must be registered and attending the next big event. (NYKO, Celebration, IsaU)
  • Have a list of 100 that you have sent me as those will be the numbers we need to go through to hit Executive)
  • Be willing to share your story with 20 people a week during the coaching period
  • Committed to achieving Executive within the next 6 weeks
  • Committed to the 6 week intensive and implementing what you are learning

The Calls

When Susan Sly started doing these calls with me, I had the skills and belief in Isagenix required to be successful. What I was missing was the clarity. I had so much information that I did not kn0w exactly where to focus and what was going to give me the ROI I was looking for. Once I knew that 5-8 things that I should be striving to accomplish in a given week, I was able to complete most of them and my business took off. Setting goals and giving our people this clarity is the most important thing we do. Always do your intention calls as early in the week as possible, so your person has a plan in place to create an awesome week.

How to Structure The Call:

Step 1- How did we do last week? – People need accountability until they have really solidified good habits and discipline. I always go through their goals from the previous week and see the percentage they hit. For instance if they hit 5.5 out of 7 they achieved 79%. Most of the goals are strictly a question of effort. If someone is obviously under-performing and not giving the effort I expect, I will have a conversation with them that they need to step their game up. If it happens two weeks in a row, I will stop the coaching as the timing for them obviously is not right.

Step 2- Open it up for Questions –  We always want to give our person a platform for discussing the hurdles they are running into and discussing solutions. Troubleshooting these challenges and course-correcting are one of the most important components of these intention calls.

Step 3- Setting their Goals for the Upcoming Week – I always am looking to set goals in a couple of different categories. Personal action, Team Building,  Personal Development and Miscellaneous.

Personal Action- How many people are they going to share their story with? How many new enrollments? Who do they need to follow up with? To go executive in 6 weeks it is really connecting with a minimum of 20 people a week, enrolling 4 and breking 2 COnsultants a weeek so ideally I want to go at that pace

Team Building- One very important thing we are doing with these intention calls is teaching someone how to think like a leader and really understanding our I Am Kaizen system. The way a leader thinks is .  I will go through all of their key people and ask what everyone’s next step is. Who needs a business introduction call? Who do we need to send autoship reminder emails to? Who do we need to add to the 6 week intensive? Knowing the next step is SO important.

Personal Development- This is such a simple business, but it can be an emotional roller-coaster. Daily Personal Development is the most important things.I always have someone reading a book daily, listening to the 6 week intensive call for the week they are on and plugging into the Monday Night IAK vision webinar at minimum.

Some books I often start people on:

  • Go Pro by Eric Worre
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership- John C. Maxwell
  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle
  • The Have it All Woman- Susan Sly
  • Business of The 21st Century- Robert Kiyosaki

Step 4: Miscellaneous- I want to get everything important stuff down on paper. Booking flights to Celebration, Creating a promotion for their team, starting a team updates email weekly, sending a text to their business builders before the monday night team call, etc.

Example of Weekly Goals

I write all the goals and email it to them after the call. I grade them on the week before in terms of the percentage they hit and send them last weeks goals with the grade along with next weeks goals. Below is an example:

Goals for Week Ending July 24th  89%

  1. I am sharing my story and the video with 3 peoplea day. 50%
  2. I am following up with Pam, Johnny and Doug and Scheduling 3-way calls if they are open to more info. 100%
  3. I am enrolling 4 new  new members with ease and earning double PIB’s. 50%
  4. I am doing business intro calls with Carla and Michelle and assisting them become a consultant and get plugged into the 6 week course. 100%
  5. I am sending autoship reminders to Katie, Glenn and John. 100%
  6. I am reading 3 more chapters of Go Pro. 100%
  7. I am listening to Week 2 of the 6 week Intensive 100 %
  8. I am listening to the IAK Vision Webinar
  9. I am sending text messages to remind my team to get on the Vision Webinar. 100%
  10. I am registering for NYKO, puchasing extra tickets for my team, booking my flight and hotel. 100%

Goals for Week Ending July 31st

  1. I am sharing my story with 20 people this week
  2. I am following up with everyone in the pipeline
  3. I am enrolling 4 new members
  4. I am assisting a minimum of two people go Consultant
  5. I am scheduling Business Intro calls for Susan and Doug
  6. I am sending autoship reminders to Johnny, Lisa and Emmie
  7. I am listening to Week 3 of the 6 week Intensive
  8. I am listening to the IAK Vision Webinar
  9. I am sending text messages to remind my team to get on the Vision Webinar. 

There you have it. These intention calls compliment our 6 Week Intensive program extremely well and are the quickest way I know ofto accelerating the time it takes to duplicate leaders. Feel free to put your own spin on this process, but I would encourage you to start these with your key people right away.