Ingredient Questions


Q. Are the Isagenix products considered organic, or not?

A. Our products are considered all-natural using only non-GMO ingredients. They also contain organic ingredients wherever possible, and some ingredients that even exceed USDA organic standards. However, some of our ingredients are sourced from parts of the world that do not have organic certification systems.

Q. My friend won’t use Isagenix because he/she says the shakes are too high in sugar. What do I tell him/her?

A. First, the sugars contained in IsaLean Shake and Bars are all from natural sources. There are no artificial sweeteners. They are designed to be low glycemic, which means they shouldn’t spike blood sugar. A sufficient amount of healthy carbohydrates is a good thing in a complete meal replacement. IsaLean Shake is scientifically formulated to have an ideal ratio of low-glycemic carbohydrates, quality proteins, and healthy fats to create balance in the body. This is a meal replacement, and your body needs these healthy carbohydrates for energy (especially the brain). For the large majority of people, IsaLean Shakes are definitely not “too high” in sugar.


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