General Questions

Q. Why do I need to drink so much water?  How do I know how much water is enough? Can I put anything into my water to give it flavor?

A. The products do a great job of supporting the body at releasing impurities, and it’s our job to flush them out of the body by drinking plenty of pure, plain water. We recommend drinking approximately half of your body weight in ounces of pure, plain water whether you are on a cleansing program or not. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, it is suggested that you drink 75 ounces of water each day. We don’t recommend that you add anything to flavor your water. You can use as much herbal or green tea as you want, or put flavored stevia in your water.

Q. What should I avoid while on the Isagenix system? Is there anything I can substitute?

A. Before starting on an Isagenix system, we recommend people eliminate all “junk foods” from their refrigerators and cupboards.That should include any processed, empty-calorie foods (e.g. potato chips) and sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages (e.g. sodas, coffees, etc.). These can potentially interfere with the goals of weight loss and detoxification on an Isagenix program. They should be avoided as much as possible. To substitute typical sweet-tasting beverages, we recommend consuming plain green or herbal tea, IsaFruits, Greens, Ionix Supreme (diluted), and Want More Energy? (during and after exercise). To substitute typical commercial snacks, we recommend FiberSnacks, SlimCakes, and IsaDelights.

Q. Why shouldn’t I have diet soda on the Isagenix program?  Is there anything I can substitute?

A. Diet soda is not recommended as it contains artificial sweeteners. Regular soda is no better because it still contains lots of chemicals and refined sugars. Plain, pure water is really your best bet or Want More Energy? for during or after exercise.

Q. Do I have to stay on Isagenix forever if I want to maintain my results?

A. We suggest that once you reach your health and /or weight loss goals, you stay on a maintenance program for long-term health and wellness. Although there are no “have to’s”, it’s hard to imagine why anybody wouldn’t want to continue feeling fabulous. We are constantly being bombarded by toxins in our environment, and our food supply continues to be depleted of the nutrients our bodies need. So it makes sense to continue to stay on some sort of continual cleansing and nutritional supplementation. This can include daily and/or deep cleansing, IsaLean Shakes, Ionix Supreme, Ageless Essentials Daily Pak, and Product B.

Q. I don’t need to lose weight, but I still want to take advantage of the benefits of Cleanse Days. How do I adapt the program so I don’t end up losing weight?

A. Although not everybody is overweight, every single one of us is toxic. Since Cleanse Days have the side benefit of safe yet dramatic weight/fat loss, those who do not want to lose weight will need to make some minor modifications. Cleanse Days should be the same no matter what. However, your Shake Days should be different: Instead of enjoying two shakes and one meal consisting of 400 to 600 calories, add more calories into your day. For example, you could have two shakes, two meals, plus lots of healthy, nutrient-dense snacks in between. Each shake can include fresh or frozen fruit, natural nut butters, etc., to add extra nutrient-dense (not empty) calories. The meals should include lean protein, lots of fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and a generous amount of low-glycemic carbohydrates such as from brown rice, baked sweet potatoes, or whole-grain pasta.

Q. Can I add fruits to my blended shake?

A. We try to set people up for the best results possible and fruit slows down weight loss because of the sugar. You may add a few blueberries for flavor but the shakes are the perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs so you do not want to throw of the ratio. We recommend using the isafruits and staying away from fruit until you hit your weight loss goal.

Q. Can I add Seltzer water on shake days?

A. We are told to avoid carbonation unless it is naturally occurring as it can hurt our body’s ability to absorb and digest nutrients and negatively impact the immune system

Q. Can I add almond milk to shakes instead of water?

A. The shakes are the perfect balance of protein, good fats and carbs so we recommend using them with water as anything else will throw of the ideal macronutrient ratio.

Q. Can I drink herbal teas on cleanse days? What else can I add to my teas?

A. Stay away from honey, but herbal organic teas are fine. Other things you may add are sliced lemon and ginger.

Q. Can I take Amped products on cleanse days?

A. You can do all the Amped products but the fuel and replenish on cleanse days.