Congratulations on booking a 3-way call with me! These are one of the most important steps in our system and such a great way to learn and show 3rd party support to your prospect which is key to duplication. I am looking forward to assisting you expand your business. Please follow the following steps so we can have a successful 3-way call.

Steps to set up the 3-Way Call

1. Book the call after your prospect has review information. Information includes:

2. Email my Executive Assistant Rada who manages my calender at with the following information:

  • Information Your Prospect has viewed
  • What questions they may have and what you think is the most important things to address with them.
  • Details about them (Your Relationship with them, What excites them?Family, Occupation, Location Etc.)
  • Anything else you want me to know
  • Potential Times (I Schedule Calls M-F from 9-1 PM PST and 3-8 PM PST. I sometimes can do calls on Saturday by appointment and never do calls by Sunday. Due to how booked I get, I cannot accommodate same day appointments so please send 2-4 options to Rada for tomorrow or after.)

3. Rada will confirm the appointment and it will be in my schedule.

4. Review the enrollment formenrollment instructions and create your Welcome Email before the call.

4. Confirm them the day of the call.

5.Call my phone (619.806.1472) 5 minutes before the appointment.

6. Call me first, so we can review the details before adding your prospect.

7. 3-way to your Guest and Edify me with a few facts and something from your heart. Here is an example:

“John, I have Gabe on the phone. Gabe is the Co-Founder of I Am Kaizen so there is no one better to get the information from.He has assisted dozens of families start create substantial freedom in their lives coached over 1000 people to get radically healthy with these products. I love working with Gabe because he is one of the most driven leaders who has helped me every step of the way along this journey. You two have a lot in common and are really going to hit it off.”

8. Reverse Edify Your Guest by reiterating a few key points. for example “Gabe – I would like you to meet John. He is a successful chiropractor, father of 3 young children and an absolutely amazing person. He is excited to start creating some more passive income that will allow him to spend more time with his family and incorporate Isagenix into his practice.” This helps your guest feel at ease.

9. Be quiet, take notes and listen.

10. If you are asked to contribute – be ready.

11. The call will be passed back to you when your guest is ready to get started or may require more information from an alternate source.


I am so grateful for our partnership and Look forward to collaborating with you,