Following Up And Closing


As we talked about, we want to have the follow-up conversation as soon as possible after the webinar. Right after, if possible. The presenter will position everything and close it out to the point where many of your guests will be ready to enroll outside of possibly a few questions you may need to answer for them. You can learn how to answer questions, set up their account and schedule there next steps in detail in the sections below. If they are not ready to go and require more info, we will schedule a 3-way call with one of the experts you are working with. Be sure to review the Enrolling A New Associate section in depth before the call so you can do the conversation below with confidence.

Following up and Enrolling Your New Associate

  1. Are you starting to see why I am so excited about this project?
  2. Did you want to get started with the Presidents Pak or Pacesetter Pak? If they are ready to go start taking down their info. (Learn How to Breakdown the Paks and build value for the Presidents in case you need to clarify anything)
  3. If they have questions ask,  “What are the 2-3 questions we need to get answered to get you started today?” Refer to the FAQ’s section of Enrolling a New Associate for how to answer the common ones.
  4. Take down their info using the enrollment form
  5. Make sure to explain the next steps- That you will be adding them to the facebook group, sending the welcome email and schedule their Product Introduction Call and the Business Introduction Call while you are on the phone with them. Make it very clear that they need to review the “Your Health” page videos and complete the action steps before the PIC and watch The Getting Started Training and ideally the Peta Kelly Video before the Business Introduction Call. Stress that they must be online for these calls so we can walk them through their account and all the resources. Getting them plugged in with a solid foundation is KEY to their success. 
  6. Follow the Enrollment Instructions to set their account up. (Be sure to always enroll on the bottom outside of the side your are putting them on. The outside spot will say recommended.)
  7. Schedule one of your upline leaders for one of the introduction calls so they can experience the support of our community- You want everyone to meet someone else so they can really feel the support they are going to have and have a 3rd party share their story and reinforce what you have told them. Ideally the best step to do this on is the Business Introduction Call as then we can really help you get them plugged in and set up for success.  Whatever step it’s going to be, grab a few different times and see what works for one of your partners schedule.

If They are not ready to get started – If they are asking a lot of questions and obviously not ready to get started, ask if they are at least intrigued enough to get some more info. If yes, build value for your expert, explain the next step is to do a 3-way call and grab 2-3 times to schedule it for. The 3-way is where you will really learn advanced objection handling and closing. Template for setting up a 3-way call and building value for your expert is below. 

Setting up the 3-way Call Example (Ask your Expert for their story to customize it to them.)

Example: (Name) Our next step is to introduce you to my  partner (mentor). I love working with (mentor) because he/she is a (mother/father of two, avid fitness enthusiast, has a heart of service, etc.) I wanted to connect the two of you because (Mentor) has coached (dozens or hundreds) of people to fantastic results with the system and is (helping a lot of people design their family’s ideal lifestyle, Empowering many to build freedom, get their products paid for etc.). The system is customized based to your needs and (mentor) will assist us get your questions answered in depth and get you all the info you need to make a decision. If you do decide to do this with me, (Mentor) will be a huge asset to you on the journey and part of your support systeam. I  am really excited for you two to meet as you guys have a lot in common and will really hit it off.  (Mentor’s) time is limited and super valuable between their family and everybody he/she is helping with this. What are 2-3 times you are available within the next 48 hours for me to see if they are available and get you two connected? Great, I will get back to you to confirm as soon as I connect with them.