Q: What makes Isagenix so effective for weight loss?

A: What really sets us apart is our cleansing technology. Supposedly we are being exposed to more toxins in one day, than our grandparents saw their entire lifetime. As amazing as our bodies are, they are no match for that level of exposure and the toxins start to accumulate. Fat does not do much good for us, but the one thing that it does does is it will surround the toxins and store them in our fat tissue so they are not bouncing around our organs where they can do a lot of damage. This is not a diet, it is about flooding your body with all the nutrition to heal itself. With diets, you can cut your calories and exercise more and you will start to lose weight. However, the challenge is, the toxins are still there and as you get smaller they will be there in a higher and higher concentration. People cannot lose that last 10-15 pounds because it is toxic fat that your body is clinging onto to protect itself. Eventually with diets, your body starts to fight against you because of the high concentration of impurities and we begin to crave fat and water to dilute the toxins back out. That is why many people yo-yo back and forth on diets and cannot keep the weight off. With Isagenix, we are lowering your caloric intake a little bit, but the real magic happens on the cleanse days. When we release toxins our body wants to go back down to the size that it should be and the body fat just falls off. With the quality of the protein and nutrition we are putting in, you will put on a lot of lean muscle as well. On average, you lose 7-15 pounds of body fat the first system. All that being said, the best part is going to be the way you are feeling.

Q: What do you do after the first month?

A: This is not a diet, it is a superfood. We all have to eat and obviously most people when they are feeling better then they ever felt, cannot imagine going a day without the products and want to stay on them. There is some products that serve as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for everyone, but it is not a one size fits all approach. What we are going to do is 2.5-3 weeks into the program, we are going to do a health analysis call where we look at your progress, re-evaluate your goals and figure out what is going to be best for you moving forward.

Q: I am not a salesperson

A: Neither am I. As I mentioned, it is the type of thing that you would feel obligated to share with people that you cared about after you see what it does for you. Our approach is very permission based where even if Isagenix is not a fit for someone , they are not going to get turned off. All we do is share our experience and what we are creating and if someone is open to info, point them to information where they can educate themselves and come to their own conclusions. We are not the source of info, just good traffic guides. As long as you believe in helping people, you can do this.

Q: I do not have time

A: How much time do you think it takes? Most people get their products paid for with one facebook post. The vast majority of people do Isagenix in their spare time and fit it in within the pockets of their life. We can design it around your crazy life and as long as we are focused on the right things, with the time you have, can get great results and make it worth your time.

Q: I do not want to sell, just use the products

A: That is fine. Everyone registers a member so they can enjoy wholesale pricing which gives you the option of earning commissions if you choose to but you are not obligated to take advantage of that side of things if you don’t choose too.

Q: I need to think about it

A: Any time we are about to make a big decision many people experience fear and anxiety for no apparent reason. That happens because the vast majority of us are run by our ego and subconscious which hates anything that it is not familiar with and cannot predict with absolute certainty. No matter if it is a good change or a bad change, we can feel a lot of resistance. You know you need to get your health in order and by hopping on our system you are making the right decision. Obviously, we cannot earn your trust over the phone and you are not fully going to comprehend what makes this so amazing until you get the products into your body. All that being said, we have a 96% success rate, but there is no-questions money back guarantee on the first system. So if for whatever reason it is not a fit for you, you are not risking anything. Look I am not going to twist your arm into getting healthy, but I know what this could do for you and the biggest regret everyone I work with has is they wish they would have started sooner. At the end of the day, it is up to you, but what do you feel is really holding you back from giving this a shot?

Q: If they just do not have the money

A: “Yup X is a lot of money, and keep in mind it is not mandatory you take this program, but at the beginning of this conversation you said you were very excited to lose weight, is that still correct?

Great, lets assume for a minute that I can show you a way to get this done tonight without having to take any money directly out of your pocket to get this started. Would there be anything else that would prevent you from getting this going tonight?

Well, what I would strongly recommend is using a credit card so you have no “out of pocket expense” You see as a part of the program you will be replacing a couple off meals a day at saving that can be as much as 6 dollars a meal. That means by the end of the first month by the time your credit card bill comes you should have saved a minimum of $150 from all the eating out costs and grocery money you have redirected. This is going to be a financial blessing for you not a burden. Doing it this way, means you don’t spend any of your personal cash and by the time you have received your statement from your credit card company and you can use the money you have saved to pay the balance off. Would that be possible?”

Worst comes to worst, you can have someone use the Facebook Strategy to find a few people that want to cleanse with them so they can get their rebate right away.

Q: The Autoship Program

A: The biggest fear most people have with the autoship is that they think of some gym membership or cell phone contract that they could not cancel, or that they will forget to change it before the order hits. Many also come in looking at Isagenix as a diet and they do not realize that they will really want to adopt it as a lifestyle once they experience it. Example of how I put them at ease is below:

“The other thing we are going to do to get you the best possible price is enroll you on the autorewards program. This is a monthly order that is going to get your membership fee waived, up to 15% off your products and opens you up to a lot of promotions and extra incentives. (You need to be on autoship for Double PIB’s IsaBody Challenge, Rank Advancement Bonuses etc.) Cleansing is the most important part of this going in, but it is only going to be the tip of the iceberg. If you are anything like most of us, once you get the experience I know you are going to get, you will not be able to imagine going a day without these products. I am going to put you on one of our recommended maintenance packs for now. However, once you have a feel for the products, you will probably want to adjust your next order and customize it to you. In the Welcome Email I am going to send you, there will be instructions on how to access your account and adjust it and I am going to include your login details and Autoship date. A few days before your autoship, we will connect to go over it together, look over your progress and make sure your next order is in alignment with your goals. If for whatever reason you want to cancel, it is easy to do and the autoship is not contractual or anything, but the program has a lot of advantages and takes the hassle out of ordering.

Q: Taking The Birthday and Social Security Number

A: The key when asking for the birth date and SSN is explaining why we need it and associating it with a positive outcome, (the fact that they will be earning income.)  I normally say something like:

 “As you are going to be eligible to get your products paid for and earn an income, I need to grab a couple pieces of info for your membership. The company is going to send you a 1099 at the end of the year with your Isagenix earnings so your accountant can do your taxes. What is your DOB? And your Social?”

(Normally people will hand it write over, but if they ask why)

“It is required by law for any company that pays you to report it to the IRS. That is why you always fill out a W2 the first day you start a new job. The info is completely secure.”