Congrats! You have used the Facebook template and people are interested. So what’s next? Follow this simple and proven formula to guide them through the process.


It is a really simple process. We want to do the following:


  1. Acknowledge them for showing interest on your post and let them know you sent them a PM.
  2. Send the PM and Find out what their goals are
  3. Make sure they are open to info.
  4. Promote and invite to an overview Webinar and schedule a follow up for within 24 Hours with the leader you are working with


All these steps are covered in detail below.

1. Acknowledge them for showing interest and let them know we sent them a private Message:

Example:  “It’s amazing (Name!) I will send you a PM with more info. (We want to comment on our post that we sent them a message so everyone else watching can see we are being responsive and getting people information that request it.)

2. Private Message the following:

 (Name) great to hear from you. How are you? It would be great to do this together. What type of health goals were you looking to accomplish?

3. Once they have shared their goals:

I love it! I have heard a ton of stories from people in the community that were looking for the same thing that have experienced incredible results. I am so excited to share this with friends that are looking for a real solution as I know so many are really having a tough time with their health. At the same time I am not looking to sell my friends or twist anyone’s arm into doing this with me. It sounds like you are pretty serious about finding a solution right now, but I just wanted to make sure. Do you want me to get you some info on this and help you determine if it would be a good option for you as well?

4. If they are open to info, we are going to invite them to an overview presentation and schedule a follow up call with them and the leader we are working with.

Ok great! The best way to get you all the information would be to have you plug into one of the Overview Presentations the community does. The Co-Founders of our Organization, Jason and Gabe have a few coming up. These two have helped thousands get healthy and many do extremely well with the lifestyle and wealth-building side as well. They are going to cover everything. The products and what makes them so effective, the science, the different programs people start on how to get your products paid for and even how to build an income. They will also go over all the free coaching and support the community offers. You would just plug in from home and watch the presentation on your computer. We have one coming up at 6 PM, 8 PM tonight and 9 AM tomorrow morning. What time would work best for you?

Them: I can do 6.

You: OK great. I am going to register you for the webinar and the access details will be emailed to you. What is your email? Note: If you are in the same time zone, register for them on and explain the access details will be sent to their inbox and schedule follow up times for as soon as possible afterwards (ideally right after it ends.) If they are in a different time zone than you, they will need to register themselves, but I would take them to and walk them through it.

I would like to connect with you as soon as possible afterwards to answer questions and get you set up if this is a fit. The results are incredible and it would be really fun to do this together. It will be just under an hour or so. Could we chat quickly at 7?

Them: Yes

You: Ok awesome! I am going to see if my coach (Name) can join us as well. I love working with (mentor) because he/she is a (mother/father of two, avid fitness enthusiast, has a heart of service, etc.) I wanted to connect the two of you because (Mentor) has coached (dozens or hundreds) of people to fantastic results with the program. The system is customized based to your needs and (mentor) and I would love to get their input on what would work best for you and for you two to meet as If you do decide to do this with me, (Mentor) will be a huge asset to you on the journey. You will really hit it off. 

Them: OK great

You: Awesome! I am excited for you. I will talk to you at 7.

A few notes: While you can enroll someone on your own if you have gone through the training on the develop page that covers how to follow up, answer questions and close, we would recommend having an upline leader do it with you the first few times. That way you can really experience the nuances of answering questions, taking down an order and how to schedule the next steps so someone is plugged in and set up for the experience they deserve.

The overviews take place every day from 8am to 10pm on the hour every hour. All times are local. You can register for the webinars at . I recommend registering people to insure that they get the access details emailed to them.

6. Let’s also cover what NOT to do. These are the major mistakes we see people make that often loses people who would have joined you on your journey.

Mistake number one: Mentioning Isagenix (We want to keep it completely generic)

Why?  We do not have anything to hide, but if you mention Isagenix on your post or in the comments a lot of people that are watching, but have not reached out, will google Isagenix and either buy it from someone else or not get it because it has not been positioned the them properly. We want to keep it generic with words such as “superfood and cleansing technology” or “nutritional cleansing” program so people have to ask us “What are you doing?” so we can walk them through the information properly.

Mistake Number Two: Talking WAY too much

Why? Less is more. We want to use the tools, not be them. Our job is just to educate people and let them decide. If you start getting into a lot of details, it often starts to feel awkward like you are selling or convincing them. Even if you can explain everything perfectly, you want to use the tools so they know that they can share it too and do not need to know all the details. The biggest question people are asking is “Can I really do this?” If we are explaining it all, people often think , this sounds amazing but I could never do this because I do not know any of that. We want to keep it simple enough where anyone can share Isagenix and our team will always do what we do.

Mistake Number 3: Sending the videos before you have scheduled a time to follow up after they have attended an Overview or you have scheduled a time to connect them with your Mentor for a 3-way call.

Why? If you send the videos before you have pinned down a time, if they do not give you one it can be a little awkward because if they do not respond you do not want to keep badgering them. We want to pull them offline so we can really find out what they are looking for and explain what makes this so special and have that step scheduled before we send them info. We always want to be one step ahead to assist our people move through the process as seamlessly as possible, so we want to have a call scheduled before we send them the videos.

Mistake Number 4: Putting a price tag on Isagenix

Why? Most people think cleansing is all about starving yourself, drinking a juice or some misconception that is not anywhere close to what Isagenix is all about. If someone thinks it is $500 for a juice, they will say there is no way I am doing that. Many people are struggling financially and if you put a price tag on it, their mind will automatically default to “I cannot afford it” and say no before thew know what they are saying no to.  In all reality, you replace so many meals that it is almost impossible not to save money. Not to mention, that is it extremely simple to get your products paid for right away.

How to respond to “How much does it cost?”

We do not want to ignore the question because if we do, people think it is is really expensive, even though it is not. If we do put a price tag on it, people will think they cannot afford it because they do not understand the value. The best way to satisfy their appetite without naming a price is something like the following:

“Honestly Mary, it depends what program you start on. You replace so many meals with the Isagenix systems that everyone ends up saving money and it is very simple to get the products paid for right away. All that being said, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets get connected with (name of my mentor) and determine if this is a fit for you. They have (Build respect level) coached hundreds of people through this and can give us their perspective on what is going to work best for you. They are not going to try to sell you, but just answer questions and assist us in determining if this is a fit for you. You will love them. They can help us figure out what is going to get you the results you deserve and fit within you budget. They are extremely busy between all the people they are helping with this, family and everything else they have going on. What are a couple good times that we could get you two introduced today or tomorrow?"