1. With your assigned USERNAME and PASSWORD log into you Isagenix Back Office.

2. Under the TEAM tab at the top of your home page, click on ENROLL NEW MEMBER.

  1. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the BOTTOM LEFT or BOTTOM RIGHT button.
  2. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND enrolling your new member on your OUTERMOST RIGHT or OUTERMOST LEFT. Double check with your sponsor if you need assistance.

3.  Once you have clicked and selected a location for your new member, you will be prompted to SELECT THEIR COUNTRY and $29 WHOLESALE ASSOCIATE on AUTOSHIP. 

4. Create Username (FirstNameLastName No Spaces), Set Password to Password, input order form and continue.

5. Select their desired Pak for the initial order. Follow customization steps and select WHOLE SALE ORDER QUANTITY. 

6. Enter Credit Card and billing address. You have the option to split the order between two cards if needed. 

7. Set up their AUTOSHIP by dropping any Pak or system in there. This will probably be adusted at a later time when you do their Health Analysis call

8. Review AUTOSHIP ORDER. Click on CALENDAR and move the autoship date 2-days earlier and SELECT 28 DAY CYCLE FOR AUTOSHIP in frequency option.

9. Double-check all information and PLACE THE ORDER. You will immediately receive an e-mail with their CUSTOMER ID AND CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

10. Send WELCOME EMAIL, add them into the I Am Kaizen Facebook Group and review the steps on the Leadership Page on how to launch your new associate. Congratulations on your new enrollment!