Medical Conditions Questions (Compliance)

Obviously, when you flood your body with great nutrition your health is going to improve. However, Isagenix is a food not a medicine and due to FDA guidelines we cannot talk about our products treating, curing or preventing any disease or medical condition. We have to be within legal guidelines to protect the company.

Anyone with a medical condition should talk to their doctor before making any lifestyle change or starting a nutritional program. We have some basic info on some conditions that you can take to your doctor on our FAQ Page. Anything not on there we can not discuss or answer if you are asking about a specific condition. For example if you say you have “difficulty sleeping” we can give recommendations, but if you mention insomnia, that is a question for your doctor.

Below we have detailed information on compliance and why it is so important to protect the company. We also have compliant and non compliant medical terms with examples of how to share your story. Finally, we give some guidance on how to discuss Isagenix with your doctor to give you the best shot of them understanding how superior it is along with the resources we recommend taking to them.


What is compliance and why is it so important?

A message from Erik Coover on compliance and protecting our beautiful company for generations to come

“Hey Team! Please read….(important stuff…even though its long)

What excites me and I know many of you is that START represents the LEGACY of Isagenix. Its incredible that WE are the future of this special company that is Isagenix. Seriously, how cool is that? And how cool is it that our future, is what we make of it…we are in the drivers seat. One of the coolest things and absolute most VITAL components to keep this legacy alive is being totally compliant with our messaging and when talking to people. We are NOT a drug company…so bottom line we cannot make disease claims.

Its easy to get excited about the results that we experience on our life changing products. BUT no matter how excited we get we cannot say that they diagnose, cure, prevent any disease at all…this includes saying things like..”I’m off all my medications now” (that’s a claim)….”My blood levels went from this number to this number” (that’s a claim)…”Isagenix cured my (name of disease)..(that’s a big fat claim)…….However we CAN say things like “Since I’ve been on Isagenix, I’ve got more energy, I’ve shed 15 pounds, and my doctor says that I’ve never looked better….I can’t promise this for you…but this is what happened to me” (This is compliant…not a claim)…Another GOOD example…”Since I’ve been on Isagenix I’m sleeping better through the night, my energy has gone through the roof, and some of the issues that I used to have with my health have gotten so much better.” (Totally compliant).

If you hear someone make a claim…it is ALL of our responsibility to stop that person and correct them and give them a compliant way to share their results. This is probably THE most important thing that we all do to ensure that Isagenix is around for generations to come. The bigger we get as a company….the bigger target we get on our back…of regulators coming in and making sure that we are not making medical claims and also income claims.

Its obviously OK to talk about making money with Isagenix…but its important to preface it by telling people that “This requires work just like anything else, and these results are not guaranteed, but if you put the effort in…Isagenix will reward you.”

With so many new people receiving the gift of Isagenix everyday its our job to educate people on how to be compliant to ensure the Legacy of Isagenix stays rock solid and we can continue to impact the world. We are developing some tools that will help educate everyone. Bottom Line…Being compliant is sexy and all the cool kids are doing it Thank you so much for reading all of this.”

Examples of Specific Disease-Related Words You Cannot Use

Acne, addictions, anxiety, autism, cancer, cholesterol, colds, diabetes, diuretic, fevers, flu, headaches, hypertension, hypothyroid, infection, kidney stones, migraines, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, PMS, tumors, ulcers . .

What You Should Know About Medical Claims

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The programs and products described herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician or health care professional before starting this or any other health and wellness program.

How to Talk to your Doctor

The challenge with some doctors is that due to the medical climate they are very nervous about liability and recommending anything they are not familiar with. The average doctor is overwhelmed by the amount of patients they see and have 20 different products shoved in their face every day. So when asked about a product their default answer is no, because they do not have time to research it and terrified of liability if something goes wrong. If someone has a serious condition it is very important that their doctor monitors them. However, dependng on the severity and condition you want to shift away from asking “should I do this? which open your doctor liability because they are endorsing it. Typically they are more comfortable when you say, “I want to do this,do you foresee any complications with it and can you monitor me through this transition in case we need to adjust any medications as my health improves?” As subtle as that sounds, for many doctors it makes a huge difference. 

In a perfect world have them do lab tests before and after so they can adjust medications as health improves and you definitely want them to monitor you. Language and the way you ask is so important. The article below really dives into how to build value for the program and talk to your doctor in a way where the can understand that this is a system backed by a lot of science and not a run of the mill product. We also recommend bringing in the Clinical Study Flyer which is our favorite resource to provide doctors. You can also find more info on our FAQ page and that you can also arm yourself with and bring if you think it is applicable. All those are below.

Before Your Appointment

Read: Talking to Doctors and Other Health Professionals about Isagenix

Resources to Bring to Your Doctor

Clinical Study Flyer

(Optional) Additional information can be found on our FAQ page and