Isagenix Founder John Anderson on Cleanse Day Snacks


by John Anderson on Monday, August 3, 2009 at 7:20pm


QUESTION; Got a person who is a bit confused on what John Anderson uses for snacks. Any suggestions? In the past, we’ve simply said, “If you must cheat, choose healthy low-calorie foods like nuts, small salads and vegetables.”


ANSWER: Here’s the Deal,


Cleansing is done for several reasons, to rid your body of toxins and also to lose weight. Both require proper cleansing instructions and doing it correct, this will insure success.


Over the years, everyone think they are experts and have changed the original cleansing. This has lowered the success rate, average weight loss, and slowed the system.


Eating foods on cleanse days is some fabricated crutch to appease cheaters and sugar addicts. Someone started the almond thing and has caused a rash of foods including eggs, salad, nuts, yogurt, chewing gum, vegetables, fruits, to be added as an “OK” thing to do.


The Isagenix Snacks are part of an important calculation, balanced nutrients formulated for a reason. The need to stabilize blood sugar was a factor when I originally designed the 9 day system. Adding an Isagenix Snack 6 times a day stimulates the colon slightly, adds a small amount of carbohydrates, and stabilizes blood sugar.


Ketosis is necessary for uncovering (Burning fat) where toxins are present. So, the need to enter a mild state of ketosis is a must for really detoxifying and BURNING FAT! By adding any other nuts and food will disrupt the process.


Diabetics and Hypoglycemic individuals must watch their blood sugar closely for LOW blood sugar. If this occurs, then it is recommended to eat a slice of apple or fruit and if needed, repeat until levels are back to normal.


Unfortunatelythere are a lot of people who Panic when the hunger signs hit. This is a trained mind response that occurs as a survival mechanism. One starts to feel their next meal is not coming and PANIC sets in.


This can be reversed and the habit broken in 48 hours by not teasing your self and eating snacks to keep the evil hunger monster away. Regardless of your weight, this can be controlled. In some cases, the mental stress of “The next Meal Syndrome” may require support from a coach, physician, friend, or someone who can work on the strong mental factor of assuring “Death” will not occur, so to speak!


JA WAY TO CLEANSE; Drink 16 ounces of cleanse during the entire day in your drinking water, Add 6 Isagenix Snacks daily during your cleanse, 2-4 IsaDelights are optional, You may also take your Essentials, Ionix, C-Lyte, Omegas.


NO’s; eggs, nuts, fruit, veggie’s, salad, or any other foods. If you do eat these snacks, you will be hungry during the cleanse and have a much harder time, so doing it the JA Way will help you succeed..




NEW MESSAGE SENT TO ME; “I have battled with extra pounds. The Isagenix concept sounded perfect for my goals and lifestyle. So, despite my tight budget, I opted for the 30 day program. I’m on the 30 day cleanse program and have struggled with constipation since day 1. Despite all my efforts and the supplemental options available (IsaFlush), I have not been able to successfully eliminate and unfortunately am not feeling or seeing the benefits of Isagenix. For that matter, I’m quite miserable. I have not experienced anything more uncomfortable and stressful than constipation…and so I’m feeling pretty rotten right now.”


JOHN’S ANSWER; constipation is sometimes a problem for those who have chronic issues. I do suggest adding Isagenix Fiber Pro when this occurs.



John Anderson,

Isagenix Founder and Formulator