Check Ins And Coaching Your New Cleanser


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1. First Week- Check in Frequently and we recommend getting on the phone that first cleanse day. That first one is the most important day of their entire journey.

2. Week 2 and 3- Check in 1-2 Times

3. Autoship Reminder Email and Health Analysis Call – 5 days before their autoship to remind them to adjust it and provide the resources and guidance to know how to so so and what to order.

A Few thoughts on Coaching

90% of assisting someone get a mind-blowing product experience is being a great cheerleader. The program is fairly gentle, the biggest transition is mental. That being said, it is not uncommon to experience some withdrawal symptoms the first few days such as headaches, low energy etc.

When someone is first getting started we recommend checking in frequently.  That first week, every day or other day briefly just to insure they are on track and doing the program properly is ideal. Obviously, we are all busy so it can just be a quick text, email or facebook message. If we can get our new associate through that first cleanse day which is when they will typically start to feel amazing they will have be well on their way.

The vast majority of challenges people run into while cleansing our addressed on our Cleanse Coaching Page with solutions.