Business Intro And Intention Calls

Business Coaching Steps


1. Business Introduction Call (Covered Below)
2. Intention Calls and Personal Coaching

The Business Introduction Call

Objective: To set someone up to get there products paid for and plugged into the education and training they require to pick up their Crystal Manager bonus and have a solid foundation to start building an income and creating more freedom. We are also sorting people into those that really want to learn what we do and are ready for the 6 week intensive which is the heart of our skills, leadership development and understanding our system and those that may need a slower pace

The Business Introduction call  should be done as soon as possible after someone has reviewed the Getting Started Training  and ideally the Peta Kelly Video.

Obviously, you may not cover all of the following talking points in the checklist below. It  depends on what their goals are and may take more than one call. However, this is the core mindset, skills, education and action you want them operating from as fast as possible.

I recommend emailing a recap after the call with all the recommended action steps and resources you covered so they have absolute clarity on what their next steps are.

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Business Introduction Teacher’s Guide

  1. Make sure they have watched and reviewed the Getting Started Training Video in the Welcome Email.
  2. Encourage them to print out the Getting Started Training document and to have it in front of them during the Business Introduction Call.
  3. Ideally, do this call via Zoom or face-to-face.
  4. You should also have the Getting Started Training printed out and in front ofyou as well.


  1. Take time to build rapport and review their goals. Record and take notes on their answers. (12 minutes)
    1. Why are they building their Isagenix Business?
    2. How much income per month would allow them to achieve that goal?
    3. How much time do they have to dedicate to their Isagenix business perweek?
  2. Briefly discuss how you wish to be communicated with. What are you hours ofoperation? What is the best way for someone to reach out to you? Is there a day that you are absolutely unavailable? (2 minutes)
  3. A brief review of YOU + 2, THEM + 2. (3 minutes)
  4. Reinforce Eric Worre’s Expectations. (5 minutes)
    1. If you talk to 100 people in 30 days, 70 will look.
    2. Of those 70, 20 will enroll.
    3. Of those 20, 12 will do something.
    4. In 90 days, 8 will look like leaders.
    5. In 1 year, 4 will generate over 90% of your income. One of which willaccount for over half of your income.
    6. In 5 years, 2 will account for over 90% of your income.
    7. There are 2 lessons.

i. ii.

You just don’t know who those 2 leaders are going to be. So do not prejudge anyone. Those who you think will, won’t. And sometimes, those who you think won’t, will.
Safety in numbers, law of averages. Most people never talk to enough people to be successful. Some people will hear one “No,” and give up on their business before it even starts.

iii. Are you committed to not prejudge any of your friends? Are you willing to go through the numbers to be successful in this business and not quit on your dreams when someone says no to you?

5. Facebook (20 minutes)

  1. Help them to record or write their first Facebook post using the templatein their Getting Started Training.
  2. What date and time, in the next day or so will they make their first post?
  3. Review what to do with interested people on Facebook.
  4. Encourage and promote them to do the entire 14 – Day FacebookCampaign.

6. Role Play the Connecting Scripts. (10 min)

ACTION STEPS (5 minutes)
1. Schedule their Power Hour within the next 48 hours.
2. Reiterate the importance of their first post and the 14 day campaign. 3. Invite them into your Master Mind Call.
4. Create their 100-person list.
5. Practice the connecting scripts.
6. Promote the next upcoming event.
7. Tell them to purchase Go Pro by Eric Worre.