Autoship Reminder And Review

1. Send Autoship Reminder Email

2. Health Analysis Call if Necessary


Send Autoship Email Reminder 5 Days Before Their First Autoship.

Objective: To remind someone their first autoship is coming up and provide the information they require to get into their account and customize their order based on their goals

With the autoship reminder, we are providing their access details to log into their account and the autoship page, with step by step instruction on how to customize a pak and add-on recommendations. We should have already logged them into their account on the Product Introduction call and showed them how to adjust their orders. If we have, that and the autoship page should allow them to adjust it on there own. However,we will also be offering to hop on the phone with them for a Health Analysis call to re-evaluate their goals and make some recommendations based on their progress. The retention is always better if you do a Health Analysis and the call is a great time to see if they are open to getting their products paid for now that they have experienced results. An Example of the autoship email reminder is below and everything you need to add in there is in bold. If you do not hear back from them, you may want to text them a reminder 2 days before to make sure they saw the email and know they need to adjust it.The checklist for doing a Health Analysis call is underneath the email example and lists everything you want to cover if you are going to connect with them.

Autoship Reminder Email Example

Subject Line: (Reminder for your Autoship Order with Adjustment Instructions)


Hi (Name)

Hope you are doing well!. How are you progressing with your results? Last time we spoke, it seemed like you were doing amazing. Congrats on all you have accomplished so far. I could not be prouder of you.

Your first Autoship order is going to process on What Day? so we need to adjust it by (Day of the week) night at Midnight EST to what you want. Right now I just have you on a custom 30 day pack. These are how most people choose to continue as the give you the additional discount you get with paks on autoship, but allow you the flexibility to add on whatever products you like. However, you are probably going to want to customize it yourself now that you have experienced the products. That way you can add the ones you want to stay on that don’t come in the pak or try some  you have heard about.
I know we walked through your account on your Product Intro and where to adjust it, but just to insure you have everything you need, I have included the info to access your account along with the autoship page below. The page has step by step instructions on how to customize and adjust your order and gives some of the most popular add-ons you have not tried yet.

It is easy to do on your own, but if you would like to chat about it, I would be more than happy to connect to discuss your goals moving forward, make some recommendations and help you customize something. I can also give recommendations and answer any questions you may have via email if that is more convenient for you. Just let me know if you have any questions and what I can do to help.

Your Account info and the autoship page is below.

Congrats again and we will talk soon,

Click here to login to your online account. -This is where you adjust your Autoship order

Your Username: fill theirs in
Your Password: fill theirs in
First Autoship Date: fill theirs in

Our autoship page –  This explains in detail how to adjust your orders and gives recommendations for what people do after the initial system. Watch the video which explains everything in detail and gives some great recommendations.


Health Analysis Call Checklist

1. Review their results and congratulate them on their progress
2. Re-evaluate their goals
3. Recommend a Custom 30 day system and what products them may want to add-on
4. Make sure autoship is set to every 28 days so they earn the extra 100 BV. Make sure they understand active status and the importance of it
5. Have them do their 30 day Facebook Post.
6. If they are open to the business now that they have results, schedule a “Business Introduction Call” call with them for as soon as possible after they have reviewed the Getting Started Training.
7. Make sure that they understand their autoship will happen every 28 days and to set a reminder in their calander to go in and adjust it monthly.