The Isagenix autoship program has many advantages.  For most of us, once we get the results, we cannot imagine going a day without Isagenix. Autoship takes the hassle out of ordering by automatically shipping your favorite products monthly. With autoship you receive an additional discount off product paks (rewards pricing), are eligible for promotions like the Isabody Challenge and accumulate all the volume happening in your organization. If you are building a business it is a must as it insures you maintain active status (100 BV points every 30 days), makes you eligible for additional income streams like Rank Advancement Bonuses and the leadership pools etc. You can see all the benefits of the autoship program here.

The most popular autoship option is the Custom 30 Day Systems. These allow you to get the core pillar products in the areas of Weight Loss, Energy, Performance or Healthy Aging as well as having a credit voucher to add whatever products you like. If you go over your voucher, you will still receive the Pak discount off everything your order. These are what most people choose to continue on as they offer the best pricing with the flexibility to customize your order. Another advantage to these paks is your team is going to what you do. When they ask you what you stay on after 30 days and you recommend a 30 day custom system because of the benefits you are experiencing, many will do the same. When they do, you are going to qualify for a  $25 coaching bonus every month they order for all your personally enrolled associates on a 30 day system. As you build your clientele, you can get your products paid for with just this income stream.

To Customize Your 30 Day System follow these easy steps:

Login here with your membername and password. Your sponsor may have included your membername and password in your welcome email and you received an email from Isagenix with it as well upon enrollment.

  1. Under the Orders Tab, check the “view coupon” section to see if you have any coupons to apply to your order. For example you get Free Ageless Essentials and Product B with the Enrollers Club Promotion and that coupon will be placed here.
  2. Click on the Orange “Manage Your Autoship” Button on the top of your home page.
  3. Scroll Down and click the green “add products to this autoship” button.
  4. From the shopping cart choose from the Weight loss, Energy, Performance and Healthy Aging categories and select the custom 30 Day System.
  5. Choose your Flavor and packaging options
  6. Pick Your Custom Products. Some will be suggested, but your voucher is good for any product so the discount applies to everything. Some of the most popular add-ons are outlined below
  7. When Finished, hover over cart and go to “Review Autoship.”
  8. Make  that your autoship is set to every 28 days instead of 30 days. The 28 day cycle allows you to receive an extra 100 BV a month towards your cycles and passive income.
  9. If everything looks good, hit the”Confirm Autoship” button
  10. Once the order processes, your next one will be scheduled for 28 days later. Mark your calendar for a few days before so you can make the necessary adjustments to your next one.

While the Custom 30 Days are by far then most popular way people choose to continue, You can order whatever you want and some choose to put together an order of a la carte products. If you go that route, we advise you make sure you order above 100 BV, as 100 BV every 30 days is the threshold to maintain active status. Active status allows you to keep all the BV points you have accumulated and be eligible to earn commissions.

Popular add-on Products

Some of the  products you may have not tried yet are below. All the products are incredible so you cannot go wrong, but these are some of the most popular add-ons.

  • E-Shots 
  • Coffee- Our Healthy Energy Shots and coffee are incredible for lasting energy and for taking your workouts to the next level. Make the cleanse days significantly easier to get through.
  • The Ageless Essentials and Product B- These 5 supplements really fortify and rebuild your body and have the highest retention of any single isagenix product due to the difference the make. See 12 reasons to add these here.
  • IsaLean Bars- Delicious Full Meal Replacement Bars. Can be more convenient than a shake
  • The Bedtime Belly Buster Products – The Most popular way to break through plateaus.
  • Brain and Sleep Formula – Makes a huge difference in sleep quality and your energy levels.
  • Rejuvity Skincare – Our clean, affordable and extremely effective skincare line.
  • Amped – Our fantastic pre-workout supplement.
  • The IsaFruits and IsaGreens These products contain all your servings of fruits and veggies in one scoop that adds some great flavor to your shakes.
  • Isalean Pro and IsaPro Fantastic for stubborn weight loss and putting on lean muscle. Click here for when to use the regular shakes and these two versions.
  • Joint and Pain Relief System.