Advocare Vs. Isagenix



by Kjersti Cote


The first place I go when comparing products of another company is their shakes!!  It tells all!


Just because the Advocare shake and the IsaLean shake both have 24g of protein per shake, doesn’t mean they’re equal- they are far from equal.


The Advocare shakes contain-


Artificial flavors- Most artificial flavorings are derived from petroleum. They may affect RNA, thyroid, and enzymes. Most have not been studied for safety or toxicity. They are all synthesized chemicals that don’t even have common names. Most artificial flavors actually contain many chemical ingredients, not just one. Many of those chemicals are volatile.


Artificial sweeteners- Sucralose is highly processed with 3 chlorine atoms.  It is simply chlorinated sugar and has been shown to damage the thymus gland and inflame the liver and kidneys. Chlorine is a natural anti-septic that harms the human gut and destroys micro-flora leading to candida formation, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, obesity and cachexia.


Denatured proteins- unfortunately, with almost every single whey protein, there’s a break down in the protein because of the processing that companies use. Fortunately for us, Isagenix isn’t one of them, which I’ll explain in a second. When talking about whey protein and how it’s processed or created, not all processes and whey proteins are created equally. Whey is the byproduct of cheese making. Most companies use salts, enzymes, acids or heat to separate out the curds from the whey and casein. These 4 processes absolutely change whey and casein. This type is called “denatured” meaning the proteins are altered through chemical or physical means so that some of its original properties are lost or diminished.  There’s another way in which the curds and whey and casein can be separated. It’s a patented, exclusive process called cold, ion exchange micro-filtration. This process does not use the above-mentioned 4 processes. This process is how our Isagenix undenatured whey concentrate, milk protein concentrate and low-heat non-fat dry milk is created.  This process is incredibly expensive but protects the whey in its natural God-given state- peptides, amino acids etc. and keeps it undenatured. These undenatured proteins are then cold air dried in a huge spray-drying drum, using no heat and then it’s carefully sealed in crates. Our whey comes from New Zealand, free-range cows that are exclusively grass fed (free from herbicides, pesticides etc.), milked and rested according to season and free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids. These are happy cows. This whey is exclusive to Isagenix and is what’s within our protein products- IsaLean Shakes and IsaPro.


Caffeine and other stimulants within other products- Caffeine affects the natural cleansing pathways in the liver which could potentially impede detoxification and pollute the body even more.  Caffeine is also a diuretic. Dehydration affects the body significantly!


Are Advocare Shakes quality?  No. You get what you pay for as the cost of 1 shake is Wholesale-$2.57 OR Autoship-$1.92.  Cheap ingredients yields cheaper products.


Lets not forget that Isagenix not only is quality through and through but we have exclusive ingredients like our 70 plus minerals and trace minerals as well as advanced telomere science!