40 Plus Snack Ideas


By Kjersti Cote


All of these snacks are for shake/meal daysonly!  


A good rule of thumb is that a “snack”is typically mid morning and mid afternoon. I eat about every 2-3 hours- shake, shake, meal- with snacking inbetween.


The size of your snack matters, especially if youwant to release pounds and inches. Typically a snack is about 5-10 bites of something or a cup measured out.




1.    Homemade nut mix CombineALL RAW- walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans pepitas, sunflower seeds, carobchips and dried chopped Plum Amazins.

2.Tamari-seasoned ricecrackers are a salt lover’s vehicle for tuna salad. We like to punch it up witha squeeze of Sriracha chili sauce!

3.Mound chopped smoked salmon onto lettuce leaf and top with dill.

4.Sprinkle drained cannedartichoke hearts with lemon zest, capers, chopped fresh basil and olive oil.Eat with toothpicks.

5.Stuffed Mushrooms: Brieflyroast button mushroom caps until softened. Fill with jarred pesto and a littlechopped turkey.

6.Smoked Turkey Pinwheels:Spread a layer of hummus on sliced smoked turkey breast and top with thinlysliced tomato. Roll up and cut into 1-inch pieces.

7.Spruce up a shot of tomatojuice by topping it with finely chopped cooked shrimp, scallions and crumbledsaltines.

8.Whisk together almondbutter, tamari and a few drops of water. Use as an Asian-style dip for baby bokchoy.

9.Five-Spice Pumpkin Seeds:Toss salted pumpkin seeds (also known as pepitas) with sesame oil and Chinesefive-spice powder, then bake at 160° until crisp.

10. Turn cucumber slices into crackers: Spreadthem with olive tapenade and garnish with chopped fresh tarragon.

11. Dunk root veggie chips (such as Terra chips)into low-fat sour cream seasoned with hot sauce and orange zest.

12. Ants on a Log: Stuff celery sticks withcashew butter and dot with dried currants.

13. Mix crisp and spicy jarred corn relish withchopped tomatoes and cilantro; eat with rice crackers.

14. Stuff iceberg lettuce leaves with choppedripe tomatoes and cucumbers and a dollop of hummus.

15. Dip sugar snap peas in a mixture of Greekyogurt and a bit of jarred pesto.

16. Chickpea Poppers: Thoroughly dry cannedchickpeas. Spritz with extra-virgin olive oil, season with dried oregano andgarlic salt and roast at 400° until crisp.

17. Spread granny smith apple wedges with chunkycashew butter and top with toasted sesame seeds.

18. Fill endive spears with chopped Bosc pearsand season with balsamic vinegar.

19. No-Chop Gazpacho: Combine tomato juice,cucumber, bell peppers and onion in a mini chopper, and then pulse just untilchunky. Add a splash of red wine vinegar.

20. Cut jicama into sticks, squeeze liberallywith lime juice and dip in a sauce of chunky almond butter, honey and freshginger.

21. Combine finely chopped broccoli,multicolored bell peppers and scallions with Greek yogurt and a dash ofprepared horseradish. Keep a bag of baby carrots close by.

22. 1-2-3 Thai Slaw: Open a bag of shreddedcarrots; dress lightly with toasted sesame oil, lime juice, olive oil, honeyand a dash of cayenne pepper. Toss in chopped salted peanuts.

23. Shred iceberg lettuce into tuna salad andeat on thick-cut organic or homemade bread-and-butter pickles.

24. Deviled Eggs: Replace mayo with Greek yogurtto make deviled eggs. Fold a handful of finely chopped watercress and a pinchof Old Bay seasoning into the yolks.

25. Stuffed Figs: Split plump dried figs andstuff with toasted hazelnuts.

26. Halve a cup of cherry tomatoes and drizzlethem with olive oil.

27. Sneak some finely chopped swiss chard intoyour pesto, and then spoon onto garlic pita chips.

28. Indian-Spiced Cashews: Toss raw cashews incoconut oil and curry powder and roast at 160° until golden.

29. Sushi Stick: Roll up sliced avocado,cucumber spears and brown rice in a nori sheet and eat with pickled ginger.

30. Fruit Compote: Choose 1 cup of- eitherblueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apple.  Mix 1 cup of fruit witholive oil, cinnamon and a touch of stevia if desired and pan-fry until they’reon the brink of bursting, then gobble up while warm.

31.  ½IsaLean Shake

32.  ½IsaLean Bar

33.  1Slimcake

34.  1FiberPro Bar

35.  2tbsp. IsaCrunch

36.  A fewIsagenix Snacks, chocolate or vanilla, with 8oz. of purified water

37.  5-10raw almonds

38.  1 egg

39.  1 cupcucumbers, sliced

40.  Asmall organic salad with favorite organic salad dressing

41.  1 cupof fresh melon or blueberries, raspberries

42.  1small apple, sliced

43.  ½ cupcooked brown rice or quinoa

44.  Aslice of nitrite-free, hormone-free turkey

45.  1stalk of celery with organic almond butter

46.  3 oz.of grilled, organic chicken

47.  ½ cupof fat-free organic yogurt with ½ berries

48.  ½ cup fat-free organic cottage cheese