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There is so much science behind our products. While some people can get lost in it, for certain analytical personalities they must here some of it to evem consider enrolling. This post gives some great science based info which will hit the analytical people in your network while building belief in everyone on the power of cleansing.

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Doing my first cleanse day today! Thrilled as most people say after they experience this they are feeling better than they ever felt. I hear that for each scoop of the product, I am getting the equivalent of 18-20 servings of fruits and veggies when it comes to nutrition. That got me curious, so I decide to check out some of the ingredients and what they do. You can see what I discovered below. Note: None of the products are intended to cure, treat or prevent and disease.


Supports natural repair of digestive tract issues and may help cleanse the colon.
Helps for people with immune issues
Helps promote healthy cardiovascular levels
Increases blood vessel stimulation
Soothes stomach irritation
Excellent for digestion


Helps flush out bad inflammation
Anti-edama, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps with parasitic prevention
Reduces muscle spasms
Strengthens adrenal glands
Good for gums
Good for allergies


Supports cleansing of the blood and liver
Restores liver function. Powerful antioxidant
Controls cell mutation
Restores gall bladder function
Flushes out gout
Regulates symptoms of menopause

Yellow Dock:

Kidney Cleanser
Helps Colon and liver function
May help with Anemia
Binds with heavy metals and assists your body release them

Pau D’Arco:

Helps support the body in controlling yeast and parastites
Helps Avoid digestive problems and may eliminate gas


Powerful adrenal support
Improves memory and stamina
helps body deal with radiation exposure

Ionic Alfalfa:

Contains important vitamins and minerals that are crucial to human health

Fulvic Acid:

Supports conversion of inorganic to organic minerals
Supports nutrient absorption


May help to neutralize the pollution we breathe and deodorize the bowels

Suma Root:

May protect the body and digestive system from stress