What Makes This a Powerful Post?

This post is designed to start creating interest in the business by giving people a different perspective on what network marketing entails. Below is an example of what the post looks like and underneath you can see the text to upload into your hootsuite.

Text to Post

LOVE that I found the business module of the future. Could not agree more with this analogy my colleague Zach shared. How cool would this be?

“What if every time you posted something on Facebook that created value in people’s lives, Facebook would send you a nice size check?

Additionally, Facebook would pay you every single time someone “liked,” or commented on your post.

On top of that, every time one of your friends posted something of value, because they were inspired by your post…Facebook would pay you AGAIN!

But wait, it gets better. As long as you keep your Facebook account open, they’ll continue to pay you on ALL of your previous posts, comments, likes & those of your friends…FOR LIFE!

How cool would that be? Share something valuable & get paid on it for life…

How many of you just KNOW, your financial situation would be dramatically enhanced if Facebook actually had that as a Business Model?

Too bad that’s fantasy land…or maybe it’s not, if you knew what I know and are open to a new possibility…” ~ Zach