What Makes this a Powerful Post?

The old saying a picture tells a thousand words is true. Before/after pictures have always been our bread and butter because they provide undeniable proof that we have the best products out there. While other posts may be more thought provoking. Few will generate as much interest as before/afters. We will be posting 5 over the series of this campaign. Below is the first.

Example of what the post should look like.

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Text to Post

Wow! I cannot wait to see where my body and health are a few months from now. Congrats Shana, you look incredible! Shana shared the following about her transformation…

“I had my fifth baby on August 9, 2014. By the time she was born, I was just plain exhausted, uncomfortable, and disgusted with how I looked and felt. The “last straw ” was couple of weeks after Katelyn was born, I took one of my older daughters to the pediatrician and and the nurse made the comment “You still haven’t had that baby??” I felt even more horrible…

My sister, Nicole and brother-in-law Adam had been doing this nutritional cellular cleanse and were having amazing results. I knew I had to do something immediately.

I’m not going to lie–my sole reason for starting was to get rid of this extra weight I had put on to my already overweight pre-pregnancy body. Little did I know, that this journey would become so much more…

I am so happy to have gained this new found energy to keep up with my 10, 9, 2, 1, and (almost) 4 month children, I’m loving the ability to buy new, smaller clothes, and having this amazing excitement for life again!

I hope my story will inspire others to join me on my journey towards health!”