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The old cliche, “facts tell, stories sell” is very true. While information can be very powerful, what people resonate with is stories. Anytime we can give examples of people living into uncommon experiences we all wish we could have, it will leave a powerful impression. What we are really selling here is a lifestyle. Here, Peta shares a great success story that shows what is possible through Isagenix.

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Everyone who gets our products into their body feels better than they have ever felt. However,  it can be so much more enriching than just getting healthy. Thank you Peta for sharing Georgie’s story!

“If you had more free time, what would you do, that you can’t do right now?

This is what excites me… I remember at the beginning of this year having a chat with this beautiful gal about her wanting to jump into network marketing but was unsure about whether or not to wait until after she traveled through Europe for 5 months. I asked her it would feel to get to work, change some lives and build up a residual income before she went so that she could be paid while gallivanting the globe and she dove straight in- She had no choice after having PHENOMENAL product results. 23 years old, and returning from a 5 month dream trip with her boyfriend with no financial stress. THIS is what excites me… She hit Crystal Director (which is a leadership rank in our company for those playing at home) on her way home on the plane last week. Georgie, girl… I love watching how you lead, and coach, and train your team even from afar and even while you traveled.. Knowing where you are going to be gives me gooseys. Enjoy this special milestone and enjoy helping your team do exactly what you’ve done!!! Loving you XXX” ~ Peta