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Peta really hits on some great stats on Isagenix that give perspective on the timing of the opportunity and what makes Network Marketing such an incredible profession.

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I am just beginning to truly grasp the power of network marketing and how beautiful of a concept it is. Loved this post from my Colleague Peta. She is such an amazing human being and became a 7 figure earner by the time she was 25.

“Right place, right time. It’s as simple as that. Feeling SO grateful that I’m one of the lucky ones who understands network marketing for the revolutionary profession that it is. Even more grateful that I hit the jackpot with the company that I get to play with. Top 30 fastest growing companies in the world. Inc 5000 fastest growing 7 times. 19 American Business Awards… $13m in one week. 2000 people Joining in one day. There are clues all over the place and people who REALLY understand business, the economy, and wellness, know exactly where to be right now. The law of attraction is working beautifully bringing some of the most amazing humans from all over the world together for something that really is changing the world. So many people want an epic life but the same people often have their heads up their ass, a massive ego or just a severe case of narrow-mindedness. I’m just so grateful I get to play with the minority who are really are living extraordinary lives and changing lives like most companies only dream of. ‪#‎youchoose‬” ~ Peta